Reference projects after year 2000





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Foss A/S



Lundbech A/S



Steno Diabetes Center

Development of a VAT scoring model for payment control at SKAT (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration). The purpose of the model is to list the companies that need a control visit. The project was carried out as an external consultant of IBM Denmark (2012- 2015) and IBM Holland in summer 2014 introducing the Danish VAT scoring model for DTO (Dutch Tax Organization)


NIR/NIT analysis/calibration of animal feed instruments (2010-2011)


Gene analysis of persons suffering from MDD (Major Depressive Disorders) (2009)


Analysis of genetic associations in type II diabetes (2008)

Chr. Hansen

Probiotics (2007)


Allergy (2006)

Steno Diabetes Center

Identification of genes with likely functional significance in T1D (2005)

Steno Diabetes Center

Genome scanning to pinpoint T1D prevalence (2004)

Steno Diabetes Center

Identification of proteins with likely functional significance in T1D (2003)

FEF Chemicals

Quality control of production gels (2002)

Novo Nordisk

Clinical phase III trial investigation (2001)

Bavarian Nordic

Classification of epitopes into supertypes (2000)